Los Roques

Los Roques is an exclusive destination and considered as a perfect Caribbean retreat for couples that happens to host some world class salt water fly fishing.

Located 120 km north of Caracas, Venezuela, it is a National Park with a collection of some 350 islands and cays.

Referred to as an archipelago, it is technically an unspoiled atoll that spans 36 km east to west and 24.6 km north to south, making it the largest marine park in the Caribbean Sea. Most areas are easily and briefly accessed by boat

It consists of one major island, El Gran Roque, surrounded by a few dozen or so lesser, mostly uninhabited islands and as many as a hundred smaller mangrove and cays. Surrounding these small land masses are coral reefs and hundreds of beautiful pristine flats, which forms a perfect environment for fly fishing.
In summary, we can characterize it by its extremely clear and calm waters, magnificent coral beds, diverse and varied flats, miles of sandy beaches and hundreds of smaller mangrove and cays, all with incredibly diverse environment and natural beauty.
Due to its beauty and the wide variety of seabirds and rich aquatic life, among other factors, the Venezuelan government declared Los Roques a National Park in 1972 and then in the mid 90’s, even more environmentally conscious regulations were enacted to protect the overall environment of the entire Archipelago.
Los Roques is scarcely populated, having about 2,000 permanent inhabitants mostly in its main Island. It is very safe and popular among foreign tourists and Venezuelans alike. Colorful lodges and private houses are the main constructions. No cars and streets of sand, is part of its charm. As per https://wikitravel.org/en/Los_Roques “Los Roques is one the safest and quietest island in the entire Caribbean. Crime is virtually unknown in Los Roques but you should still take normal precautions.”.

In conclusion, few places on Earth can offer human eyes such an extraordinary and singular beauty as that of Archipelago Los Roques National Park and a perfect environment for fishing.

A pleasant link for detailed information about Los Roques can be checked at https://www.parkswatch.org/parkprofiles/pdf/ronp_eng.pdf