Los Roques

Los Roques is an exclusive destination and considered as a perfect Caribbean retreat for couples that happens to host some world class salt water fly fishing. Located 120 km north of Caracas, Venezuela, it is a National Park with a collection of some 350 islands and cays.

About us

With more than 20+ years of experience, Fly Fishing Los Roques (FFLR) has built a solid operation with a great knowledge of not only the fishing but the overall setup. With a great team of local guides and captains and a great fishing program, it is consider one of the best saltwater fishing destination not only in the Caribbean but worldwide.


Los Roques has fairly gained the reputation as being one of the best fly fishing destinations in the Caribbean. Its great fishing and easy access (but a remote area from civilization) have made it a popular destination among anglers worldwide.

Traditionally, Los Roques has been considered as one of the best bonefishing in the world and it also offers a great variety of other salt water game fish.


FFLR works in partnership with Caracol Group for its lodging services and more. Grupo Caracol is an Italian family lodging enterprise (with years of experience in lodging destinations) which established business at Los Roques on 2004. Caracol has adapted and supersedes the increasing demand for exclusive destinations. [read more]

Los Roques

It consists of one major island, El Gran Roque, surrounded by a few dozen or so lesser, mostly uninhabited islands and as many as a hundred smaller mangrove and cays. Surrounding these small land masses are coral reefs and hundreds of beautiful pristine flats, which forms a perfect environment for fly fishing. [read more]